Technoforce Leadership Development is partnering with GlowHouse Kids LLC and Empower Behavioral Services LLC to offer Social Emotional Learning programs (SEL) to school districts throughout New Jersey.

Our SEL program is designed to guide K – 8 educators to teach their students the five SEL core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building skills, and responsible decision making. Students develop intrapersonal skills and awareness such as self-esteem, self-discipline, goal setting, and stress management and interpersonal skills and awareness including empathy, communication skills, collaborative problem solving skills, and more. Our program centers on developing students’ strengths rather than focusing on their  deficits.

We provide:

  • ​Kickoff training to faculty and administration
  • ​SEL exercises that educators incorporate into existing lessons
  • ​Classroom observation and confidential feedback to educators

For more information, contact Robin Tabakin at 973-328-1047,